Friday, May 21, 2010


Finally rested enough to get up the energy to submit a blog post.

Takes me two full days to recover from night shift and then its almost time to go back to work! Cest la vie.

Noah and I went to our new doctor today, Katina Martin. Besides her office being in a beautiful, rural yellow, Vermont farm house made over into perfect green pottery barn-esque amazingness, a copy of the newest Mothering magazine sat in the lobby/solarium.

It's "Verhemian" - a term Bryan just coined in a moment of genius. Defined as follows :

Verhemian : "Vermont agro-hip bohemia meets classic americana, something or rather " 

Obviously, I'm in love.

She did have a lovely painting of the Hindu goddess of fertility, Lakshmi -- or at least maybe thats who it was.  I have no idea if she follows any sort of religious belief but it was a gorgeous painting.

She mentioned they are trying to start a free standing birth center in Vermont- currently they aren't allowed by law to be free-standing..only affiliated with a hospital. That would be very cool if she was able to do that. I don't know of any birth centers near me. Right now she only does home births, of course if you are transferred to a hospital, they would go with you but they don't have Dr. privileges there....which is a bit ridiculous. But again, the only reason you would transfer would be if something went wrong and you needed an OB for surgery or whatnot.

We had a good time though..... Noah weighs 23 lbs...and around 32 inches I think.amazing.!
He kept busy the whole time- we are currently dealing with a bout of thrush but its slowly resolving itself.

Now onto a night with the hubby...finally!

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  1. I guess here in PA I am quite fortunate our freestanding birth center, where I had #2 and #3, was legal!


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