Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Organizationally Challenged

I've been blog searching for organizational tools that will help me as a mom, organize!

We mostly struggle with meal planning. When you don't have dinner on the table, the stress seems to go through the roof.

Not to mention that Noah can't have dairy, I am usually sleeping during dinner, and Bryan is probably the most picky person I know and would rather have everything that I wouldn't consider edible food.


I did find a super meal planning program online called Plan to Eat.  It has a free 30-day trial, which I signed up for. After that its $5 a month.

I hate paying for things that I should be capable of doing myself but the fact is, I'm not. I am just not organized enough. (Well...maybe I am I just don't know it yet..)

I also discovered a blog called Organizing Your Way. She has an awesome list of free printables for a home management binder as well as super resources on Once a Month Cooking. The idea is you plan out a variety of freezable meals and then once a month, take an afternoon and cook, freeze and viola! You have meals at your fingertips.

This idea sounds great in theory but actually implementing it sounds a bit scary. Maybe one of my friends will spend an afternoon doing this with me. It would definitely make my life easier.... it would have saved my sanity the first month of Noah's life, that's for sure!

I'm really enjoying her blog purely because she talks about practical ways to develop life skills like time management, planning, budgeting, etc. I know I need help in these areas and I think everything can benefit from some improvement.

Also Simple Mom is a great page to visit for more blog resources on all thing Simple Living.... The above mentioned blog contributes to her network.

I think my goals for the rest of this month should be to implement meal planning as an integral part of how we operate...then maybe we'll get to the cleaning, routines, etc..

This is what I spent my day after work doing yesterday.... in between nap and sleeping..
and lots and lots of cuddling <3 . Noah loves loves loves playing with water right now.
I'm going to have to get a little pool and more summer clothes for him soon...probably tomorrow since it supposed to be 80's all week!

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  1. I would be happy to help with one of the marathon cooking afternoons! Just let me know. Plus a big thanks for the links, you know me, organization is not really my strong suit!


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