Sunday, July 1, 2012

Three : To be or Not to be?

This is a topic I think about literally every day.

Should we have a third baby?  For me, three seems like a great number. Ideally, it feels balanced and nice. Realistically, it sounds chaotic and insane!

me with my first baby, Noah.

I love babies. I love birthing babies, holding babies, breastfeeding babies, smooching babies. Smelling their little fuzzy sweet heads. I adore them. Ahem.

I also dislike rocking babies until my arms feel like they are about to fall off, I dislike feeling so sleep deprived that I put my phone in fridge and look for my coffee in the bathroom. I dislike not having gone out with hubby for a real date in... well, a very long time. I dislike gaining weight and feeling like I have the flu for 9 months.

But, if it were up to me, independent of money and hardships that come along with having kids, I would have a third.

Bryan votes an emphatic YES on this topic, btw.

But, I'm concerned. I'm concerned about money. I'm actually amazed when we are at the end of the month and still have housing and food. We are blessed and always have what we need. I pretty much refuse to put my children in daycare....sooo another 4+ years without a second income could pose a problem. And then there's the issue of school..we would love for them to go to a private school and that costs money.

I'm concerned that a third child would upset this awesome balance we have as a family of four. I LOVE my two little bugs and they are such a great friends. And we have a double stroller....where would the 3rd baby go? We'd need a new car, new apartment/house...a tummy tuck.....

If we were to go for it, I would rather do it soon and get the diapers and sleep deprivation over in one shot. Also I love the spacing of my first two (26 months apart). AND it would be awesome to have a brother or sister for the both of them to adore. A little Campbell tribe sounds appealing.

How did you know you were done? How did you know if you wanted to add another bundle to your family?


  1. we thought we were done at 3 we had all you concerns when we still had 2 though. Its only crazy and insane at first. I was wondering why we did it. But now Im sooooo gald we did . 3 is great 4 will be too!

  2. Have you prayed about it? The Bible says children are a blessing, but it also says to be "wise as serpents" and considering the money is smart! These gray areas are always so tricky!

    I was one of three, and honestly, I didn't care about how our house looked or if we went on vacation or if my mom needed to add a part-time job to supplement the income - we just loved our family and were so grateful for each member!

    Which way would you possibly regret down the road? Having a baby? Or not having another baby?

    Good luck figuring it out!


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