Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vaccine Reactions.

Needing a place to write this, so obviously, my blog would be it. I haven't really let this out...its been in my head for a while now and I haven't talked to anyone but Bryan about it. No one else seems to understand.

Noah has had minor vaccine reactions and my doctor has always said it was normal. I'm not sure if it is or not. When he was very little, we started vaccinating normally but he was very fussy and Bryan and I felt he was "twitchy" and jerky afterwards... (which I know now probably was small seizures). So I started an alternative vaccination schedule to spread them out as much as possible.

After each dtap shot, he has screamed for hours on end that evening. After his vaccines around 9 mo, he stopped babbling. But then a couple of weeks later, he seemed to be back to normal, so I chalked it up to just coincidence. Bryan was worried but I kept thinking...no it can't have anything to do with that. Vaccines can't be that dangerous...

This most recent Dtap on March 3rd, he screamed for 3+ hours and was limp in my arms. Like, he wouldn't move. His fingers were blue. I called out of work (it was my first night) because I was so scared that we would have to take him to the hospital. The doctor said that he was probably just fussy and to wait. He just nursed non-stop...wouldn't move at all from me. After those hours, he all of a sudden seemed to get better and perk up. I gave him tylenol and he eventually settled to bed. Things seemed normal.

I can't help but be very scared by this. I've read about parents who ignored the "small" reactions and then continued vaccinations and their child had a very severe reaction.

He has the MMR, polio, Dtap, chickenpox, hep a and hep b's left...maybe a couple more. My vaccination schedule isn't in front of me.
I'm definitely not doing the MMR until past 3+ years and then it will be the separate components. 
I'm not sure about the others. He only has one polio left and the new reccomendation is that they don't recieve the last one till age 4 so we;re okay there. Hep A and Hep B don't really concern me right now because he's not having sex or using needles... hah. Chickenpox...I'd like for him to have natural immunity but with most kids being vaxed by now, that might not happen.

This whole issue has been weighing on my heart and mind so heavily lately. I'm listening to my momma instinct and delaying the rest of his vaccines until at least 2.5 yrs.

I really HATE this issue and HATE being forced to choose between potentially actively harming my child and passively possibily allowing them to become sick with a disease.

A friend of mine just mentioned that her boss's son was diagnosed with ADEM (Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is a neurological disorder characterized by inflammation of the brain and spinal cord caused by damage to the myelin sheath.  ADEM may occur in association with a viral or bacterial infection, as a complication of inoculation or vaccination, or without a preceding cause) right after his 18 month vaccinations.
My prayers go out to them....


  1. Your a great Mom for taking notice of his reactions. Trust your instincts and do not listen to your dr's. I would not call them normal reactions. They may cause long term problems. I may be biased as we do not vax our 3 boys, and I worked with vaccine injured children, but I would stop/delay all vaccinations until you do a ton of research.

  2. {hugs} Our first 2 kiddos were vaccinated on schedule with no adverse reactions. Granted, my oldest is 9 and they have added quite a few new things since then so the schedule wasn't *as* bad. However, with our youngest, now 14 months, I set out to be more informed from the beginning. We confidently opted out of all the in hospital shots and eye goop. Then, at her 3mo well baby check, the pedi convinced me to do just 2 shots. I'd been receiving a lot of pressure from family so I gave in. After all, we weren't doing ALL the shots, just two. Just as you described, my little girl turned into something I didn't recognize that night. It scared us terribly! She was feverish, inconsolable, and wouldn't eat for 48 hours. Everything I could find to read said that was a "normal" reaction. At her 6mo check they gave her the same two shots. We went through those miserable 48hours again and that's when I started doing more thorough research. We decided that for us, and for our daughter, we needed to stop all vaccines for the time being. My mommy instinct knew that what I was seeing in my baby girl was not normal and it frightened me.
    Each visit, our pedi brings up doing more shots and I keep putting her off. I know eventually we'll need to address it. I'm not anti-vaccine, I just wish they were safer.

    Thanks for sharing, you're definitely not alone. Will definitely be praying for the little guy with ADEM. So sad...

  3. This past fall all six of my kids came down with Pertussis, also known as Whooping cough. My 2 youngest had it the worst. I still won't vaccinate my littlest one once she's born. We survived that bout and I believe it's with stronger bodies and immunity. These are scary things you are talking about and you are justified in not continuing for a while. I am so sorry you are experiencing this. Trust that instinct though. You are doing many mommies will not do. . .listen to it. This is hard issue to fight but trust that you are doing what God has called you to do and that is protect your ds. I pray He will comfort you with this decision and give you His confidence in these decisions.

  4. MaryBeth- What do you think are the best resources for good research? I have the Vaccine Book which I really enjoy and think that its' very unbiased helpful info.

    I'm not sure where to go about giving vaccinations to kids who already have had minor reactions.

    I would like to finish his polio vaccines but feel very ambivalent about hep B, hep A, MMR, and chickenpox...

    Any suggestions on helpful, non-hype websites/books?

    Thank you Courtney and LBDG... I do feel at peace with not vaxing for now. I am going to change pediatricians because the one I have now is nice enough about delayed vax but doesn't take his reactions and my concerns seriously enough and really makes me feel guilty for delaying.

    I just want the best for Noah...I would love to vaccinate him fully but because they produce such crappy vaccines with so many side effects and different issues, its a little difficult to trust. Not to mention the whole money issues- the FDA and CDC in bed with vaccine companies...

    really is anything truthful anymore?


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