Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Incredibly Super Cool Green Mama

I have found the most incredibly great person online. I had to share.

I found her homebirth video over at Marvelous Kiddo and was just awed by the beauty of it and her birth story. MUST's sooo wonderful and there is no graphic images...just a gorgeous video of how PEACEFUL birth can be!!

The Homebirth of Lucia Mae from Sara Janssen on Vimeo.

I traveled to her blog and noticed how much I LOVED her little apartment....and then onto her other blogs and SHE IS GREAT! Her beautiful family travels the US in a "green" RV on veggie oil doing RV makeovers and photo sessions etc. They sold their gorgeous house, paid off debt, quit their jobs to do this... How incredible?! Check out their travel blog for more awesomeness...
Happy Janssens

This is her personal blog which is also wonderful! Walk Slowly, Live Wildly

I'm just in awe of her family's ability to live out their dreams. I LOVE her philosphy on life and I'm just inspired. REALLY. I'm going to have to have a LONG chat with Bryan. haha.

This is her food blog which is ALSO inspiring me to go raw... I probably eat about a 40-50% raw diet but would love to increase that to 70%. Happy Foody

How To Make a Green Smoothie from Sara Janssen on Vimeo.

I would include some of her beautiful photos but since she is a professional photographer, they are copyrighted. Obviously. SO you'll just have to visit for yourself!!

I think you've inspired me, Sara, to do a "Incredibly Super Cool Green Mama" of the Week! 


  1. maybe you should train to become a midwife? just a thought...

  2. I think I'd be scared of the whole life/death responsibility..ya know? but it would be amazing!


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