Monday, May 17, 2010

Productivity... ahhh.

We had a gorgeous, productive weekend!!!

My mother, father and brother in law came up to visit and helped us accomplish SOO many things around the house. I appreciate it more than they know...  <3 Having three sets of hands around helps tremendously. Noah usually takes up most of my free time leaving other projects unfinished. (In this case, since November).

This is what we did.

Bryan and his dad and brother cleaned out one of the bedrooms on my mother's side of the house and it was a job, let me tell you. You could NOT walk into it. You could just open the door and peer in afraid....sweating a little bit.. Now, you can walk all the way through and there are TWO guest beds set up. The rest of the place is begging to be painted.

I'm going to help my mom paint it green (with the left over paint from our bedroom). We are going to then paint her Jenny Lind crib bright yellow as well. It's going to be adorable!! (See inspiration pic)

They moved the ginormous bed that was taking up most of Noah's playroom to that room (see pic where end of bed is). This freed up a TON of space and we were able to move the bookshelves from downstairs hall/office to his playroom.  (Notice the completed chalkboards!!)

THEN we painted most of what needed to be painted in the hall and stairwell. So everything is starting to get put together nicely and really feel comfy. 
Still some more painting to be done but we're almost finished!!

Now to get started on all my sewing projects!  I've got a bit to do before I'm totally done with his playroom...
~ hem curtains
~ reinforce shelving
~ add shelving to top of closet
~ create and apply fabric wall decals
~ buy and hang paper lanterns over stair well
~ hang chalkboards
~ finish book slings and hang
~recover rocking chair  (anyone with really good way to upholster a cane backed rocking chair WITHOUT removing the cane?)

They watched Noah for us this morning and we got to sleep in till 8:00. Isn't that the single most amazing thing you've ever heard!?! ALSO watched him while we to church at Burlington Vineyard so Bryan and I got to spend some time with each other. It was really nice.. <3


  1. wow!! it's looking fantastic! i wish i could see it first hand. i'll talk to Evan tonight. we need to drive up. i need a VT fix and a tea time with you and my fav lil bud! :P

  2. Is there still more painting for me to do or will you be finished before I get there!! The chalkboards look wonderful!! <3


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