Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nature walk

Noah and I went for a lovely "hike" today in the woods near our home. It's a great little trail and he hasn't really been into the woods much yet so I thought we should attempt it!

The sun was shining, the birds singing, the brook babbling....

Noah munching on his kashi bar. This makes me laugh because he was eating and drinking water like he was the one doing all the work. hehe...

He felt very sleepy after awhile and after I belted out some random songs he wanted me to keep singing.

I sang him our bedtime songs and hymns and each time I would stop, he was look up and go "mama?!" was pretty funny.

We walked and I sang and I felt bad for the animals who heard me. But it made him very happy and sleepy and we had a superbly intimate walk in the woods.

I cherish wearing him in the Ergo because I know its not much longer that he'll be able to be held comfortably like that...

All tuckered out!!

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  1. nothing like a walk in the woods, our favorite past time :) I feel bad for my baby when I sing to him, although he seems to be comforted by it, I am so tone deaf!


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