Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Posterior Birth

I stumbled upon an article by a midwife talking about posterior birth position and its effects on labor and delivery and WOW, I am SO validated right now.

Noah was delivered in the posterior position and seriously, the labor was exactly how she describes it in this article. Long, long...at first irregular painful contractions, horrible back pain, 3+ hours of pushing....

I thought I was just being a wimp!

Check it out..


  1. lol, about just being a wimp. I delivered 3 posterior babies, 2 drug free, #3 took 22 hrs, 12 hrs hard labor and 3 hrs pushing....worst. back. pain. EVER. off to read it!

  2. Wow you are amazing lady! Did your dr/midwife ever try to turn the babies? I'm so curious now that I've read that article although manual manipulation of the baby seems kinda scary.

    I wanted to be drug free with Noah but was so exhausted and hit my wall after 12 hrs active labor at 8 cm -- I think I would have been okay but people kept encouraging me to move which felt worse than just lying in the tub and after I was out of the tub I felt like I couldn't go on. but yes, I didn't even feel contractions in my stomach, just my back.

    Lots of things I would do differently but happy to have a beautiful healthy baby!


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