Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Vaccine Wars" Review

The first two minutes of this Frontline documentary told me where this show was going...... it started with a surgical removal of a baby (as if it were a normal birth process) and continued with its first Hep B shot (highly controversialized and not even done anymore at some hospitals!)

I found it to be very biased against those who hesitate to vaccinate their children..... showing you tube clips as the opposing sides and referencing doctors and gvt agencies for the pro side. Also citing flawed studies ....not showing the whole truth about what is UNKNOWN about vaccinations.  More on the flawed Danish study denying the link between thimersol and autism.

I think we should vaccinate our children but I believe that the government should NEVER have the ability to FORCE anyone to do anything especially regarding the health of their children unless it is a DIRECT abuse case (and not vaccinating is not neglect).

We need to ensure people are taking precautions against disease by supporting breastfeeding, healthy eating and exercise, etc not by forcing vaccinations. This society is so backwards..... we want to do everything the easy, profitable way. Pop a pill, get a shot....

Every parent and every person should look at each "vaccine" as having unique capabilities and dangers and make decisions based on what is known. Unfortunately, not much is "known" 100% when it comes to vaccines and vaccine risks.

Either way, I felt PBS did a poor job balancing both sides of the debate and was very disappointed.

AND so did Dr. Jay Gordon...mirroring my thoughts exactly!! You must read his response to this poorly produced documentary. 

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