Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 10 Mommy Musts

1. Ergo Baby Carrier -
hands down most comfy, practical sturdy carrier that will last you from newborn colicky nights to toddler hikes.... I love mine. Worth every, single penny. You can skip the stroller and just buy this. We've only taken our stroller out to the mall or running errands ONCE. It's much easier to keep baby close and happy. :-)

Ergo baby Carriers

2.  Bum Genius Cloth Diapers -
my personal favorite!

Gorgeous colors, soft fabric, one size fits 7-35 lb babies. Save money, save the environment, most importantly, look adorable!
Bum Genius Cloth Diapers

3. Undercover Mama 

Make any shirt a nursing shirt! Anxious to get back into your pre-pregnancy tops but they aren't nursing friendly? Wear this tank attached to your nursing bra, lift shirt and viola! you have belly coverage. Love it. Undercover Mama

4.  Swaddleme Adjustable Infant Wrap

Swaddle your baby nice and snug with this awesome wrap. Velcro secures the wrap so that their little arms can't wiggle out and wake themselves up. A regular receiving blanket probably works best for the first couple of weeks but eventually you need some staying power.

5. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

I had the Boppy pillow and was constantly frustrated that it would move around or not stay high enough on my waist. My sister had this one and when I used it, I wanted to steal it from her...latches around your body and supports soo much better than the Boppy. I will say the Boppy is useful for baby sitting, etc but this wins hands down for breastfeeding.

6. Happybellies Organic Baby Cereal

Forget Gerber baby cereal - this stuff rocks. You can buy it in either multigrain, brown rice, and oatmeal and it is DHA fortified and also has probiotics! For my dairy-sensitive baby, this was a must! Organic, fortified with iron and other vitamins and minerals plus DHA, probiotics, and lasts a longg time. Tastes yummy too!

7.  Hotslings Baby Sling

I would love to recommend the Moby Wrap but because I personally haven't used it with a newborn and there is a bit of a learning curve with it, I'm going to have to go with what I found useful when Noah was younger. This sling is super. It fits nicely in the diaper bag and perfect to carry whenever just in case baby wants a nap or gets cranky in the store. You can nurse in this sling as well which is great. Proper sizing is crucial. Stylish, functional, time saving.

8. Hygeia Breast Pump

To breastfeed successful, you do NOT need a pump. However, if you plan on going back to work or leaving your baby with daddy from time to time, you will want to pump! This is a cutting-edge, environmentally responsible, shareable, pump! Because you can use your own accessory set without contaminating the pump, you can share the cost with another mother or other moms at your work place. It is recyclable, BPA free, customizable and has an audio recording button that you can record your baby cooing or crying to stimulate let-down. Awesome!

9.The First Years True Fit Premier Car Seat

  • First convertible car seat to feature the rebound energy management bar
  • Rebound energy management bar provides increased safety from rear end collisions
  • Premium EPP side impact protection
  • Features NHTSA preferred external latch storage that enables consumers to easily locate latch belting system
  • Features multiple recline positions in both forward and rear facing positions
  • Grows with your child - use up to 65 lbs! 
  • Removable headrest under 22 lbs for a roomier fit in the car
  • Plush fabrics for ultimate comfort!
  • Save money by skipping the infant car seat and use a carrier instead!
10. Your must-have baby product here!

What do you think is the one product all moms should have?!

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