Sunday, April 18, 2010


Lyme disease (LD) is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of bacterium called a spirochete (pronounced spy-ro-keet) that is carried by deer ticks. (from

It's also a disease that is taking its toll on my mother. We don't know how long she has been suffering with Lyme but she is newly diagnosed and started on antibiotics. For her privacy, I won't mention many details but just that, I'm realizing how horrific any type of "chronic" illness can be. (There is an argument going on to whether Lyme is chronic or can be chronic....).

She is going through a particularly bad spell right now (usually when someone is taking medication for Lyme, the bacteria "fight back" so to speak and your symptoms can become much more severe- yet this is necessary to kill the bacteria). Seeing her in pain and knowing that everytime she takes the medication that is supposed to make her better, she gets even more sick, is heart breaking.

It's frustrating that I'm not able to do anything to make this better. I remember her being tired...pretty much my whole life. I know that most mothers of 5 would be tired but this was REALLY tired. Just no energy, depression, etc... its scary to think that she might have been suffering from this since I was born.

Overall, I'm posting just to ask everyone to watch the movie "Under Our Skin"

 The documentary is eye-opening and enters you into the pain, frustration and severity of what Lyme patients are going through right now in our country. Chances are you know someone who has Lyme, and if you didn't before you read this post, now you do.


  1. Hi...

    We've never met, I don't think, but it appears we have some common pathways...

    I was looking at Maya Douglas's Facebook page as she is visiting VT this weekend -- Maya is my boyfriend Leaf's sister -- and for only Heaven knows why, I was drawn to your comment on her wall. My children are bunnies and I'm not generally drawn to human babies...Yet...some unforeseen force drew my hand to click on your profile. Then I saw the "Under Our Skin" image and gasped and knew why!

    Like your mother, I have suffered with chronic Lyme. I was first diagnosed in 2002. In October 2010 I started aggressive antibiotic treatment and unfortunately am too ill to work now so I'm on short term disability with my employer.

    I pray your mom is doing better. Treatment is so challenging!

    Not sure if she'd be interested...There is a Lyme support group that meets at the Sheraton on a Saturday every other month. They have been such an amazing resource and source of strength for me.

    This group recently went to Montpelier for a legislative breakfast. Our hope is to have a bill in VT protecting physicians who treat Lyme.

    An online petition:


  2. Hey Karen! I think we've met once before at one of John's parties...good to hear from you. I did hear that you had Lyme from Maya when we were talking about my mom (my dad is diagnosed as well now).
    My parents have gone to the Sheraton support group and try to go when they are able. I'll tell my mom to keep an eye for you.
    I'll forward her the petition site as well.
    Best wishes for good health!



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