Monday, April 12, 2010

Hanging On

Oh, at 5 in the morning, the difficulty of this work/life schedule seems very crisis like. My eyes are heavy, burning, my stomach is upset from drinking too much coffee and my body is aching for sleep.

Oh I love you.

This shift is just particularly brutal especially because I am not a night person. However, this is what works for our family at this time so adaption must happen.

I recently posted on facebook about how the day I have a washing machine will be incredible and wondrous and I will cry tears of joy it when it occurs. This prompted a response encouraging me to get actually buy one. The lack of space and money has really prevented this from even being a thought in my mind...but now that its there, I can't stop thinking about the joys of loading up the washer and pressing the button and VIOLA clean dishes in 40 min!

I did contact a lady on craigslist about her portable danby washer.....I'm really hoping that she gets back to me soon...

This weekend we conquered the upstairs attic which is...I mean...WAS...FULL, brimming really, with junk that had been there for 17 years since my parents moved in. I can't believe it's actually empty now. I should have taken before pictures of all of this......
we also cleaned out the downstairs closet and installed shelving. We accomplished a lot....
we're trying to get on our way to having Noah's play room all set up.

I will post pictures today...just to see the transistion because it's fairly amazing.

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  1. wow so productive!! You go honey! I need to start packing again to move! Yes, we're moving AGAIN. LOL


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