Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny Home

As you all probably know, Bryan and I have a small mortgage in college debt. Literally. We own a home that is the form of two paper diplomas.

Saddest home ever.

I've been having a lot of "house envy" lately. It doesn't help that we live right next to Charlotte, VT where the median home price is probably 600k or higher. We both love Vermont and we want to live here but at the rate that houses are going for these days, it seems a little unlikely.

In search of interesting homes online, I came across Tiny Tumbleweed Houses.. an architect/builder guy who designs homes from 65 sq ft (that's right- 65 sq ft) to 834 sq ft. They are incredible.

I am in love with this idea. Take a look at this couple's Enesti (only 640 sq ft) in Maine.
Very cute. I also adore his largest design, B53, below
At $150-200 per sq.ft for building price, it's still setting you back 100k a least but its adorable and much cheaper than the 300k homes that are falling apart around here.

I'd love to build it with an unfinished basement and then finish it at some point and maybe add on a large sun room/greenhouse down the road. Wouldn't that be great?

Can't wait till we're at the point of seriously considering something like this.

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