Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Jan.24th

A day late, a dollar short..... or something like that. 

It's hard for me to focus on anything but this baby being born. But menu plan, I must. I may just focus on dinners this week because I've been really finicky towards what I'm eating at breakfast or lunch. I just don't have the appetite to want to prepare anything large.....and kind of just focus on feeding Noah.

Tuesday- spaghetti & garlic bread w/veggies/salad on the side
Wednesday - slow cooker chicken soup w/homemade rolls
Thursday - meatball subs/salad/veggies (this is often on the menu but I never end up making it!)
Friday - homemade pizza/pepperoni bread
Saturday- breakfast for dinner....eggs or pancakes
Sunday- soup/sandwiches I hope we're eating someone's prepared/frozen food by Sunday.

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