Thursday, January 20, 2011

38 Weeks

Baby is doing great... lots of braxton hicks contractions and cramps. Most of which go away when I go to sleep at night. Feeling verryy tender and sore "down there" which is new for this pregnancy. Little miss Audrey is the the right occiput anterior position which means head down, back facing my right side... which is great... a little more statistically known to go posterior during labor but still better than posterior!

I've been reading a lot about positioning and found this article to be super informative re:posterior positioning.. (which is what caused my long, long, difficult labor with Noah).

Posterior Labor: A Pain in the Back

A couple of things I took away from this is that ROA position IS more likely to go posterior than LOA (which is optimal) and also ... "A word of caution: Women who have had caesareans due to posterior labors, or who have had vaginal delivery after long posterior labors, often are in advanced labor before they realize they are in labor with a subsequent baby that is not in a posterior position. This has led to many interesting and amusing situations!"

Just another thing to start being paranoid about..."am I in labor?!" :-)   Question of the month.

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  1. haha oh geez! good luck sarah, thinking of you guys during his suspenseful time.. :)


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