Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sitting here, trying to figure out budgets. Why am I compulsively driven to torture myself? It's either cleaning, budgeting, calculating, making lists.........something is always to be done. It's good because it gets things accomplished...however, I'm never satisfied.

I literally am restraining myself from writing out a list of things to do right now. Does that mean there is something wrong with me? I think there might be.....

I am officially hired at Howard Center...woot woot. Anxious to the point of tears about it but hired nonetheless. Work schedule looks like this: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday working 11pm-9am. I am hoping to transistion Noah to one LONG nap a day instead of two variable craziness naps. Today is my first day purposely doing this and so far so good...he went down around 11:30 (exhausted) and and I hope sleeping until 2....we shall see. It would be awesome if he would nap one 3 hr nap....putting him to sleep around 7:00pm tonight.

Nevaeh's 3rd Birthday today, Levi's 21st tomorrow and Bryan's 25th this Wednesday.... February is always a busy month.......

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