Saturday, February 13, 2010


Job Update.
Visited the house I may be working at and didn't really get to meet the kids because they forgot I was coming....hah. I met two briefly but they left soon after for the library. I did get a tour of the house and run down of some important things. I forgot how institutional feeling these residential can be. The furniture sucks and things are just so utilitarian. Now that I'm a mom...I just see things differently. I just want to go in there and redecorate and make it very comfortable and homey.....obviously, I can't do that but I want to. Just being in there ...I felt like I could feel these kiddos pain.....all have sexual trauma in their past and just the fact they are 7,8, 9 yrs old and have so much on their plate is heartbreaking. The staff I met that showed me around really cut to the chase and gave me the full story on the kids being violent, running away, exposing female anything you can think of. That intimidated me since I haven't ever had to do a restraint or had an issue with being exposed at work. haha. It doesn't happen all the time or anything but I'm sure it WILL happen eventually.
So short,....I'm still debating whether to take the job. I am interviewing at another place working overnight with pregnant and parenting young moms (which I think I would love) but we'll see...

Noah Update
Noah is now saying his name! Isn't that awesome!!!!?! Its sooo cute...he says NooooAH! haha. I love it...He is being so adorable lately. We're on an even keel right now..he is sleeping so well...only waking to nurse at like 4 or 5 am and sleeping till 7. It's great. He is now solidly into his 18 month clothing....still about 21 lbs....but I think he is getting taller.... he has a whole mouth full of teeth that just look like they are waiting to pop through...his gums on top of his molars look swollen.....eek..there will be some rough nights ahead I'm sure. We bought him a second carseat finally with our tax return money so we don't have to keep moving them. We went with a True Fit Premier a step up from our True Fit.

That's all for now folks.
Olympics are on!

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