Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exciting new job possibility?

SO I applied for a Overnight Residential Counselor Position at the Howard Center in Burlington just kinda out of the blue...just to see what would happen. A day later, the recruiter called me back and told me to come in for an interview. Super exciting! I was told they were currently offering the job to an internal candidate but it would be good for me to come in anyway. I interviewed with her and that went pretty well and was called back for another interview today with the team lead and the clinician working with the house that I would be working at. The recruiter said that it was basically a meeting for them to meet and approve of the person she wanted for the job. (!) AND she told me that the internal candidate did not take the position.
That went realllyy well and now I get to go on Friday to meet the kids and essentially feel out if I want the position. I'll know by Tuesday I think if I have it for sure. She still has to check references but I don't think that would be a problem at all.

I'm really excited because it will be Thursday from 9pm-9am, Friday from 9pm-9am and Saturday from 7pm-8am. That's 40 hrs a week, full benefits and I'll get to stay home with Noah during the day and he will be with Bryan at night while I'm at work. Its going to be hard as far as sleep goes..but that shouldn't be too difficult. At this point, I'm used to no sleep. haha.


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