Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Must watch for Every Woman

The Business of Being Born trailer from mickinfc on Vimeo.

I just re-watched "The Business of Being Born" recently and was just struck again with how important this film is in creating awareness in the United States about the abnormality of our system of birth. "System" and "Birth" shouldn't even be in the same sentence...but they are.

This is a must watch film for anyone interested in childbirth, pregnancy, mothering or the state of women's rights in the United States (and beyond).

You can rent the full length film online at

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  1. i showed this to danny, and he kissed me. He's like "i love when i tell my friends about having a midwife, and they're all 'i could never do that.. i'd need a DR in the room' and then i'm like 'dude, DR's are for diseases.... pregnancy is not a disease.'"
    I heart my husband :) :) :)


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