Monday, June 7, 2010

A love affair with babywearing....

I love wearing my My hotsling served me well for the first 12 months (still does at times) and my Ergo is beyond a blessing. I LOVE LOVE them both. I have only ever taken the stroller out in town ONCE. Literally...I just never needed it. It was always a burden to think about dragging around a stroller when I can just pop him into my carrier and he's happy, I'm happy and we both look cute to boot. (Yes, thats something my mom says).

I've been thinking about the other types of slings, carriers that I want to try when #2 comes along (whenever that may be) and there are two types. A wrap and a ring sling. I bought a used Moby a while ago but Noah really hates it now that he is so big so no dice there. The ring sling I wanted originally was a Maya but I just couldn't justify the expense when I already owned a cute pouch carrier and an Ergo.

I just realized however, you can sew your own sling very easily. This is definitely going to become a project of mine once I get threading the bobbin down...heh. Check it out...
Bliss Tree: How to Sew Your Own Sling
The Baby Wear site also has a huge list of patterns.

Not the crafty type? Check out these beautiful slings on Etsy and support a WAHM!

For more info on "babywearing" and all the benefits check out and Dr. Sears on Baby Wearing

Also, know that infants who are carried 3 extra hours a day cry and fuss 43% LESS than those who aren't worn. It makes sense, babies need and want to be held.  They also spend more time in a state of quiet alertness which is when babies learn the most. 

Carry your baby for a happier, smarter little pumpkin and enjoy every minute because before you know it, they are going to be 18 months old and running away from you!


  1. I have the moby and really like it. Takes a few mins to put on but other than that its great. You can wear baby many ways... Front facing either way (out or towards you), on your hip, on your back. Its really comfortable too. Unlike some carriers once baby is in there is nothing between you but clothes so it is a great way to do skin to skin with infants (without the clothes obv.) I still like to take my stroller to the mall though. Its a good plac to put all my

  2. I make my own ring slings! I am not too crafty, esp when it comes to sewing but I have made over a dozen for me and friends! So easy and cheap!

    I love a stretchy wrap when baby is small and a ring sling is one of my favorites, but I just got a met tei on etsy and LOVE it! And I have a Boba, like an Ergo, and will use that a lot when baby is bigger. I am so hooked on babywearing!!


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