Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday is something I've been meaning to participate in for a while now. Although its technically Tuesday, I'm still operating on Monday mode considering its 2 am.

If you want to check out what others are planning on their menus for the week, head on over to Menu Plan Monday on Organizing Junkie.

My goal for this week is to actually eat what we plan out. Hah! What a novel idea.

June 1st- June 7th

Tuesday :: Baked Cheese Ziti (a mini veggie for Noah -no dairy)
Wednesday :: Ham, Potatoes, Beans & Rolls
Thursday :: Thai Chicken Salad
Friday :: Homemade Pizzas
Saturday :: Soft Tacos/Bean Burritos
Sunday :: Grilled Chicken/Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges/Salad
Monday :: Leftovers!

Tomorrow I need to focus on cleaning out and reorganizing our kitchen cabinets and fridge so I can actually SEE what we need/have and figure out what to make without waste. Hopefully I can fit that in between naps and grocery shopping.

Wish us luck!

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