Thursday, June 3, 2010

18 Months

My baby boy is 18 months old today!

I can't believe it. He is soo big and happy and sweet and I'm incredibly proud of him!
This is us a year ago on his first boat ride!
And Noah being a charmer ...

He helped me in the garden today.....and picked me flowers from the scallions that were growing uncontrollably next to the fence. I pulled up a lot of weeds and discovered that my lettuce is close to cutting now.

My corn and beans *just* went in. hah. Very late... Also, my attempt at starting seeds only worked half well.... my cabbage and cauliflower look good but I should have transplanted them ages ago and my tomato plants should be much bigger by now. I think I am going to buy some tomato plant seedlings instead and put them in pots next to the house.

It's hard to keep up with the garden because Noah just wants to RUN when were outside and I'm constantly keeping him from going into the road (lots of trucks and tractors moving in and out). Next year, I am going to vote for moving the garden into the fenced part of the yard... we'll see if my parents veto that or not.

---sigh--- I can't believe how big Noah is. We have conversations together.....we play, we laugh. He says so many words now...I'm not even sure how many....

Mama, Dada, Bobo (the cat), Puppy, Grandma, "didi" (Rachie), Papa, wawa (water), down, no, yeah, WOW, tractor, moo (cow), horsey (kinda..), blueberries, eggs, milk, mimi's (nummies), night night, Hi, Bye, juice, banana, ball, vroom, car, train .... etc etc.... many, many more.

Wow, that reminds me, I haven't touched his baby book in months...better get to it! I still need to print out all his pictures ..I'm doing terribly in the mommy department in that sense. Oops.

Sometimes I worry that he isn't learning as much as I could teach him because I have so little time to sit with him and talk about numbers, letters, etc. We read a lot and play a lot and he is so bright that he catches on to things very quickly so I'm sure if I focused more on teaching him, he would know and do more. It's hard to keep up... at the same time, I think that learning at his own pace and self-discovery is maybe more beneficial to him in the end. Isn't that how people learned for thousands of years before Baby Einstein?! At least the only thing he watches on tv is the theme song on the Thomas the Train video and when it ends, he promptly turns it off.

I need to get this child into music classes!! He LOVES it and has a natural rhythm and ear for it just like his daddy.... There is a music class type thing that I found a while back called Music Together... the one near me is Green Mountain Music Together. Too bad its $20 a class...thats just a little steep for a playgroup....hmm..maybe I can figure it out...I think he would absolutely love it.!

There is also Little Yogis yoga classes in Vergennes that I think he would have fun at..(and mommy too!) Those are much less, like $8 a class. Maybe we'll do that instead.

I definitely would like to get him into some more playgroups... since I'll be going to LLL soon and maybe starting a group, that should help but thats only once or twice a month. He just loves people and I think it would be great for him...

Anywayyy.. 18 months is HUGE developmentally and I'm excited to see what Noah learns next! He is becoming independent and I can really see the attachment parenting paying off in his security with Bryan and I and how confident he is as well as trusting. I also notice that he barely cries..and when he throws a tantrum, he is either hungry or tired ...I can see that more easily I think because of how attached we are. "Attachment" is NOT a bad thing! It's also good to see that time outs and firm boundaries actually help with him (as much as they can at 18 months). Its amazing how when you lovingly explain to a child and get down on their level speaking to them slowly and clearly, they get it even at a young age. Nursing is also just invaluable right now, its gives him such a security...when he gets all out of sorts and restless, he calms right down to nurse and gives me a much needed break to rest and slow down from the craziness that is running after a toddler. Afterwards he is much more calm and focused.

<3 I love him ... I hope that he becomes a kind, loving, compassionate person. I will feel so blessed if he exhibits those things. Happy 18 months sweetie pie!!!!

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  1. Aw. 18 months is a big milestone! Such a sweetie!


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