Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Noah Spurts...!

March has almost gone by! Can you believe it?
Vermont has been rainy and cold recently but apparently, we are going to have incredible weather this weekend. I'm really excited. Time to start planning some things to do with Noah on Thursday and Friday before we leave for New Hampshire.

Definitely going to go see Bryan for lunch one of those days. There is a great park right next door and Noah will loveee to go socialize and play on the slides in the sunshine. Can you tell I'm thrilled?

Ohhh summmmerr I can't wait for you to get here but at the same time, I'm afraid you'll go by too fast again.

Today I felt very productive. Productivity really is the BEST feeling. When I arrived home from work at 9:00 am...I played with Noah, did the dishes, started a load of laundry, cleaned the whole bedroom, had snacks with Noah and we finally collasped for a two hour nap. I wish I could say I had a super nap but I was cold the whole time but so out of it I couldn't wake up enough to put on a long sleeve. Either way, I obviously slept and hopefully got some great rest.

Noah and I woke up and made lunch- he's been eating me out of house and home lately! His 15 month growth spurt must be in full swing. He is definitely going through a brain spurt too.....hehe. He is saying many new words and doing new things and just being adorable. His personality is reallllyy showing through. I love it.

This is what he ate yesterday... one egg with ham and a banana w/OJ for breakfast. 3/4 of an avocado with pirates booty veggies puffs for snack. Two cookies from grandpa (big ones...) Then some pasta and black beans along with crackers....another banana......a slice of homemade pizza. What else...I'm sure I'm forgetting something. He's eating a ton! OH! 1/2 cup of oatmeal with raisins and a bunch of raisins through out the day...Whew....and nursing a ton too...

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