Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our First Run in 2010

Today Noah and I went for our first run this year.. we lasted about 15 minutes. haha. It really wasn't that cold and I really wasn't that tired but somehow he looked a little miserable so I turned around. I was then going to attempt to go to the barn and hose off the stroller a bit but Noah freaked out as soon as we strolled inside. The parlor is loud and dark and Noah let me know he did NOT like it. So we leftt with a very muddy stroller and went home.
I can't wait for it be sunny and green!

I ended getting some burnt orange drapes at Christmas Tree Shops along with a canvas from homegoods....we're still on trial but I think I like them. If I can get a red/orange floral rug for the kitchen I think it would come together nicely.

My mother and sisters in law's :-) might be coming up to visit this weekend so I'm trying to get the house somewhat clean. ..
oh what I have to talk about, exciting isn't it?

still looking for some way to make more money from home. !

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