Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things I'm Happy About

It's July. which means, warm windy mornings, barefoot, coffee in hand.

Noah is really getting the hang of using the potty. and is excited about it.

Audrey is the most precious, sweet, chubby little 5.5 month old .

I'm considering completing a 3 day doula training through ACBE and becoming certified through DONA.

I'm going to be completeing a childbirth educator training course in September through CAPPA.

Bryan and I will be starting an exercise video series (hopefully in this order...P90, P90X, Insanity).

We ordered a new stroller which was damaged during transit, then returned, then the replacement was returned because of defects so we re-ordered the Baby Jogger Summit XC which should be incredible.
Started out sacrificing from the BOB and ended up with the nicest one available... how did that happen?

Oh I'm down to my pre-Audrey weight!

We're submitting an application for a different apartment on Monday. (hoping, wishing, praying)

My children are BEAUTIFUL!

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