Sunday, June 5, 2011


Mothering is sexy. I've decided.
Today, I nursed Audrey in a Dunkins in Walmart....and I felt sexy.
There is just some so serene and beautiful about a mom nursing her baby. When I see women nurse in public (which isn't that often) I am always struck at how gorgeous they are and how natural and seemless it looks.
Many times I've felt self-conscious and awkward nursing in public
but in WALMART of all places, I felt validated and gorgeous.
I had about 4 people smile at me and an older woman come up to me and coo over Audrey's chub.
It felt so right and normal and it's pretty exciting that it happened in Walmart. hah!

Anyway... thus I felt inspired to make a pinboard over on Pinterest dedicating to Mothering... here's some of the images I included..

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