Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meal Plans - May 8-14th


Food. I love it. Especially when I know what the heck I'm making everyday. 

So, after 3 months of no menu planning in the craziness that is life with a newborn, here is my first week of menu plans.

Also, trying to get back to focusing on REAL food... trying to cut out most of the processed junk we eat and cut back on juices, etc....  Personally, I am replacing mine and Noah's sugar consumption w/xylitol or honey only. Check out this awesome real food site ... I found it today and it's totally renewed my commitment to real food ONLY!
Breakfasts: eggs cooked in butter, fruit, 5-grain oatmeal cooked with nuts, dried fruit or almond butter and raw honey, whole grain apple pancakes

Snacks: veggies, boiled eggs, smoothies, apples and peanut butter (natural of course)

Lunches: leftover, soup, salads, pb&j, sometimes annie's bunnies with nitrite free hot dogs
Monday: Pasta w/sauce and veggies, ceasar salad on the side
Tuesday:  Tacos w/avocados/spinach/tomatoes
Wednesday: Chili w/corn bread
Thursday: Chicken strips w/sweet potato fries and veggies
Friday: Homemade pizza 
Saturday: Burgers (grass fed- yum!) w/bacon and cheese and salad...!
Sunday: Grilled cheese/leftovers

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