Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stair Construction

We are trying to get the stair construction underway in our apartment. My parents house was originally built with just their side and later on an addition was added which is our side. Stairs were never put on the side we live on and it wasn't originally meant to be a duplex. My parents converted the downstairs side into a kitchen/living room/bedroom and bathroom which is where we've been living for the past year. It's getting REALLY tiny in there so we are adding stairs to hopefully add two rooms and a bathroom to the apartment.

We are hoping to have ours and noah's bedroom upstairs in the one room, then the tv room in the other upstairs room and turn the downstairs into a kitchen/dining/living area and the other room an office.

We're in the midst of priming and painting upstairs and trying to organize everything to be moved! Before pictures will be taken tonight hopefully!

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