Thursday, November 5, 2009

Noah's 1st Halloween

We spent halloween with the Campbell's in Derry.The way down was... eventful. Noah cried the WHOLE way. I sat with him in the back with the light on most of the time because otherwise, hysterics ensued. We're not sure why but it must have been the lights from the other cars in the darkness that freaked him out. The trip down was rough however but as soon as we got there, Noah calmed down and went to bed. He was happy to see his grandparents and aunts and uncles but even happier to go to sleep!

The next day we played with grammy and "poobah" and just hung around. Grammy campbell brought Noah his halloween costume "winnie the pooh" and he seemed pretty thrilled about it. Most of the time he just stood hitting the tv...he doesn't watch much tv at home and was fascinated by the ability to touch and lick...and kiss the screen. haha.

We walked around on Chester St. in Chester, NH halloween night and Noah enjoyed seeing the other kiddos dressed up. Perfect halloween night, warm and windy, leaves blowing everywhere! We left just before it started to rain. We got back and carved pumpkins and ate lots of candy!

Curtis and Moriah visited later and were able to say good night to Winnie the Pooh who was pretty hyped up from all the fun and had a little trouble settling to sleep. Overall, a good day and a successful first halloween!

Pictures to come!

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