Saturday, February 19, 2011

11 Days Out

Whew. I can't believe it's been.... uhh.. 11 days (?) since Audrey made her debut. I'm beat.

 She is sleeping really well though... eating about every 3 hours at night and every 2-3 during the day. She was 8 lbs at her 1 week appointment and is just a beauty in every way.

Noah is doing really well with her... he does get jealous but in general it's mostly... "I LOVE her mommy!!" - so sweet.
 I miss Noah a little bit...having time with him one on one..he is definitely a little more distant but I'm trying to spend as much time with him as possible and Bryan is giving him a lot of attention as well.

Annie (midwife's apprentice who caught Audrey) came by with Katina to Audrey's one week appointment and we won't be seeing her again because she's off to complete a 2 month internship at a high volume birth center in Texas. It was kinda sad..she was such a sweetheart and supported us so well during Audrey's birth. She's going to be a great midwife!

I'm NOT ready for Bryan to go back to work... wondering how I'm going to occupy Noah while nursing/holding/changing Audrey...

Any moms of 2 or more care to share their survival strategies?

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  1. Woowho! JD wasn't even 8lbs at his 1 week and he was born at 8 lbs 9 oz :) also, Isaac went back to work and school after 6 days, very jealous of 11 days :)


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