Thursday, December 9, 2010

32 weeks

32 weeks... 1 day. in my 33rd week. It's a little frightening. I only have less than 8 weeks till this baby gets here.

I'm going to have TWO children.





Feeling anxious about the birth... not really because of the actual birth but because of spotty weird insurance coverage issues that go along with having a home birth. Some (okay... I'm not sure which ones) insurances are GREAT at covering homebirth and there is no issue. Others, not so much. Blue Cross Blue Shield only covers CNM's and not CPM's. Medicaid covers part of the birth. I'm hoping that BCBS may cover more of ours because we are having our birth with a preferred provider in their network (she's a doctor as well). I may be able to argue that case since she is acting within her license as an ND with a midwifery provision.

Either way, I'm hoping things work out. (understatement)

This little girl is very active and it seems like 11:30 pm is her favorite time of night.... maybe I have a night owl on my hands... JUST what I need.

Noah is getting so excited for his baby sister... he is always talking to and holding my belly. It's so sweet. It started snowing the other day and he started yelling " baby audrey!! baby audrey!! snow! out!! out!"... because we told him that baby Audrey would be here when the snow was... oops... we meant in February. He doesn't understand why she can't come out now but we just tell him she's got some growing to do.

Looking forward to meeting my little girl........

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