Monday, October 4, 2010


For other mama friends.......... or just best friends. Either or.

We are all too busy or too far away. It's getting old.

Sometimes you JUST need a girlfriend to talk to and laugh about ridiculous things or share your absolute deepest fears with.

 My midwives probably think I'm crazy because at my monthly appointments, I just about talk their ears off. Do I look that desperate? heh. Maybe they'll be my friend even after delivery. ......   (hahaa...)

It'll be nice when this little baby girl is all grown up and we are friends. I don't mind waiting 20 years. Having the love and friendship of your children would be the ultimate blessing. It is scary to imagine your kids hating you or wanting nothing to do with you. I would certainly love them more than the whole entire world but we all know about unrequited love. Maybe that's how God feels when we disregard Him entirely.

Its easy to forget that He's a friend too... not just an authority. I'm so appreciative of the friends He has given me and how he shows His love for me through them.  Swallowing the loneliness of life can be difficult but focusing on the light and sweet reunions with old friends and making of new ones can make it a little bit easier.

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds...." Psalm 147:3
a verse thats been on my heart all week....

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